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Candle Accessories

wax colour chips
Candle Colour Chips
Available in

Christmas Green, Forest Green,
Blue, Cranberry, Purple, Orange,
Ivory, Yellow, Red, Fuchsia,
Aqua, Brown and Black

25 chips per packet   $8.95 per packet

These colours are made of Natural Vegetable dyes, Paraffin and Stearic Acid 'this is a hardening agent'. Keep in mind that when you're using yellow beeswax, you have to use a color wheel to see what you'll get with yellow...yellow and blue make green etc.

Wax Candle DecoPaint

wax candle deco paint
Available in
Black, Red, Blue,
Green, Yellow, White,
Gold, Copper, Silver

$9.95 each
Most colours are out of stock.

Candle Making Scents

Candle scent

The scents are available in a 14gms bottle
Baked Apple, Baybreey, Christmas Spruce, Cinnamon, Raspberry and Vanilla
$18 per bottle

Some bottles are out of stock


pearlizer powder
Pearlizer Powder is a very fine powder applied to the finished candle to bring out the detail. Put a small amount of Pearlizer Powder on a paper plate. Use a dry brush and dip it into the powder, tap the brush on the paper plate to remove the excess powder. Apply to the desired areas of your candle. Mix colors for great effects. Seal the Pearlizer Powder to the candle using the Candle Glaze. 3 grams per package.

Available in Gold, Bronze, Blue, Red, Green & Silver
MCP $10 each

Wick Holder Tabs

square wick tabs   

Secure your own candle wicks with these holder tabs
These wick tabs are not required when using our candle moulds for making your candles. Their use is for holding wicking to the bottom of a glass or similar container
Available in either round MCWT450,
or square MCWT400, comes in packets of 50 tabs

$7 per packet

Wick tabs


Due to the packing requirements, the minimum postage cost for any of the single foundation sheets is $15 for up to 3kg of sheet weight.
Over 3kg I am happy to quote you a postal cost by postcode.


$360 per carton includes GST
14 kg per carton and 14 sheets to the kilogram
approx:180-195 sheets per carton
Size is 204 X 416 mm Full Depth

Available in single sheets at $2.40 each

foundation for rolled candles

For our full range of wick, please check out Page 10

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