Plastic One Piece Frames

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Full Depth and WSP Frames and the Foundation sheets are available in either Black or White


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Plastic Queen Excluders now available in 10 Frame only

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Advantages of Plastic Frames

1. There is no assembly required on the one piece frame and foundation. Just take them out of the shipping box and put them in your supers.
2. One Piece frames store well until needed or can be ordered immediately when necessary. This saves you time, labour and capital outlay. 
3. There is almost 15% more foundation than with a wood frame and foundation. This increases brood and honey production.
4. One Piece frames are not damaged by rodents, high speed uncappersor extractors as well as wax moths (just scrape clean and return to supers).
5. Ten years ago we modified and strengthened the ears, there is absolutely no breakage.
6. One Piece Plastic frames hare a Mid-rib that is stiff and flat, so the cell depth is very uniform. Queens seem to love this. They lay more eggs and come through the winter with more bees in the spring.Frame of Brood
7. Well accepted by the bees
8. The price is right
9. We Guarantee them.

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1. DO NOT leave Frames in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.
2. DO NOT put Frames in solar wax melters.
3. DO NOT place Frames in boiling water.

BASIC METHODS for Plastic Frame Introduction

It is difficult to give one basic method for new One Piece Plastic frames introduction that will work well world wide during the different seasons of the year.This is due to the many different weather conditions, the varied floral sources and the differing intensities of nectar flow. Following are two introduction methods being used successfully.

Method 1 

New One Piece frames can be inter-spaced with drawn comb. For best results run 10 frames in your standard 9 frame super. Insert three new One Piece frames in the 3,5 & 7 positions (you can go as many as 5 &5). The reason for going with 3,5,7 positions is that sometimes the bee swill be slow to draw foundation on the outside of the super. We recommend feeding the bees heavily until the flows begin so they start drawing new comb immediately. 
NOTE: If after using the above inter-spacing method the bees seem to ignore the new One Piece frames while pulling the drawn comb further, do not panic, use method 2.

Method 2 

Replace the drawn comb with new One Piece frames so that you are now running 100%,(10) new undrawn One Piece frames. Any undrawn One Piece frames with brace or burr comb can be scraped clean with a hive tool and returned to the super. This approach gives the bees no choice but to go to work and draw out the One Piece frames. It is wise to feed heavily with sugar water or syrup at this time to stimulate comb building. Some people place a drawn comb on each end of the super as a bait comb. We are finding more and more beekeepers from hobbyists to commercial operators are having excellent results through the above methods of introducing a full super of up to10 new undrawn One Piece frames instead of alternating with drawn comb. 

 Do not be disappointed if at first you have trouble getting your bees to accept and draw on new One Piece frames. Try variations of above methods,be creative and remember colonies should be strong and healthy. It is difficult to get bees to draw new comb if they are under stress, also  colonies must be on some type of flow, be it natural nectar flow or artficial (sugar syrup). They cannot produce wax without having some type of carbohydrate coming in.

  • At Gavins Apiaries Ltd, Whangarei, New Zealand we have been using One Piece frames for 3 years and cannot recall any broken frames. When collecting brood to make nucs, the plastics 8 out of 10 have the biggest and best frames of brood. For extracting thick Manuka honey, the plastics are very good. They can be spun at higher speed with absolutely no damage to the comb at all. We fully recommend them,     John Gavin N.Z.
  • I have used One Piece frames for 3 years. They area good product. Propolis& wax are cleaned off frames easily. Plastic foundation inserts are good too.   Joe Lomond Ashcroft, B. C. Canada
  • Do you like to feel and smell a newly made frame, like to wire frames sitting in front of TV and play tunes on those beautifully tight wires? Then plastic frames are probably not for you. You probably do not value your time at the same rate as it costs you to employ staff. If you like to do things other than beekeeping during winter months or an employer of staff, or maybe you never get geared up in time for the honey flow using new honey frames & wax foundation comb, then you are like me, for whom plastic frames are made. They come ready for use. In our cool climate I strongly recommend dipping frames in wax . It certainly helps them to be drawn out. Plastic frames are great in the brood nest,the queens seem to like to lay eggs in is far better to put new plastic frames in the brood nest or on as third boxes. We normally put wet drawn combs with three plastic frames on each side. The huge advantage of plastic frames is in extracting viscous manuka honey. No comb damage in the extractor! We purchased 10,000 plastic frames last year, 10,000 this year and yes we will be back for more this year.   Russell Berry, Arataki Honey Ltd, Rotorua Division
  • Queens prefer One Piece Plastic frames and foundation. The uniformity of brood is beautiful. They store well and any wax moth damage can be scraped off   .F.W. Nixon, Commercial Honey Producer. USA
  • Having brought 2000 One Piece frames and foundation and 5000 sheets of black foundation, we drew the foundation in the super and then put the min the bottoms. We have no trouble getting the foundation drawn as we put 3 or 4 frames in the super mixed with drawn frames on a good honey flow.We can thoroughly recommend the use of these frames and foundation to fellow Beekeepers. Bob Stirling Granite Belt Apiaries, Stanthorpe, Queensland.