The Answers for the Quizz
A 1 Approximately 7 200.

A2 The average moisture content of  ripe honey is around 17%-18%.

A3 Brush Box, it has had a name change some years ago from. Tristania conferta.

A4 16-32°C. Up to 14°C bees will  cluster and over 34"C bees become water carriers and not  efficient honey gathers.

A5 Grey lronbark is called Eucalyptus drepanophylla. This is the ironbark found along the coast of Queensland typically in the ranges.

A6 About 35 000 bees. A strong hive  with two or three supers will have about 55 000 bees!

A7 Drones can number up to 1 000. In very strong colony it can be up to 1 500! Incidentally only one third of the population of drones will be sexually mature at one time, this is an important consideration when breeding queens.

A10 The QBA have about 200 members (not including affiliated members).

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