This book contains information about the value of some of the major pollens of Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland. It is the reporting of pollen analysis carried out in the 1980s and 90s and should be of great interest to the practical beekeeper.

The management of honey bee nutrition will need to be one of the major skills of Australian beefarmers in the 21st century. The days of being only collectors of honey and beeswax are fast coming to an end.

Bee diseases such as European brood disease, chalk brood and nosema, together with increasing demand for higher production and lower costs, are forcing beefarmers to be more than honey collectors. They will need the nutritional management skills presently employed by breeders of poultry, pigs and dairy cattle.

Out-of-season honey crops, pollination contracts, queen bee production and package bees are all helping beefarmers solve their price/cost squeeze. All these techniques require astute nutrition management.

This book contains crude protein analyses of 45 major Northern NSW pollen floral sources, as well as notes on nutrition management. This information will enable beekeepers to manage their bees nutrition more efficiently and profitably.

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