Western Australian pollen:

Jarrah Eucalyptus marginata and Marri E. calophylla

Pollen from Western Australia is purchased by Eastern Australian beekeepers as a feed source for their bees. The quality of this pollen is very good, as a large portion of WA pollen comes from jarrah and marri trees.

Roma R. Bell et al (1983) analysed jarrah and marri pollen and found a crude protein of 20.6% for jarrah and 27.9% for marri pollen.

A sample of WA pollen purchased in NSW from a beekeeping supply merchant tested at 27.5% crude protein. The ideal minimum level of crude protein in pollen for honey bees is 20%. These West Australian pollens would be very suitable as a foodstuff for bees.

Pollen or honey purchased for bee food from an unknown source should always be gamma irradiated against the spread of American brood disease.

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