Please note: We do NOT supply beeswax or honey, and do NOT provide a swarm removal service or advice.

Beekeeping books, frames (wooden or plastic), wooden bee boxes (8 frame only), small hive beetle traps, candle moulds, cell cups, comb scratchers, frame wire, eyelets, hive fasteners (emlock style), strapping, metal lid covers, Porter bee escapes, propolis mats, pollen traps, queen catchers, queen cages, queen bee spotting pens, beekeeping signs, honey for sale signs, smokers, spur wheel & electric embedders, wire crimpers etc. queen rearing items, wire excluders (8 frame), filters, frame grabs, frame perch, protective jackets & overalls, gloves, veils, hive tools, honey uncapping knives (manual, electric and steam knives) etc.

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