Bee boxes, frames, frame wire


Please enquire, limited availability, 10 frame super $28 each

Metal lid covers $17.50

Nuc boxes 4 or 5 frame, complete with metal lid $50

Nuc box 4 frame, super only $22

Bottom / base board $15

Escape boards, lids, hive bottoms, cleats, risers etc – please enquire for pricing & availability

Beetek plastic frame

One piece plastic frame, no wiring, no foundation needed, brush with melted wax to give the bees a start

$4 each (Code BTBF)

FRAMES (wooden) – unassembled – $2 each or $160 box of 100

Manly and Ideal frames are New Zealand made, and in stock. Full depth & WSP frames – stocks may be limited.

Frame wire – galvanised

300 gram roll $12.50 (Code QBWG300)

500 gram roll $17.50 (Code PBWG500)

Galvanised wire on a small plastic reel. The 300 gram roll will do approximately 100 frames, and the 500 gram roll about 200 frames.