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AJ,s Beetle Eater: AJ's Beetle Eater is a non chemical trap which is placed at the top of the hive, between the frames of honeycomb. The bees chase the beelte, which likes to hide in dark crevasses.
Once they enter the trap through the slots the beetle are trapped in vegetable oil and are usually unable to escape by climbing out.
The trap comes apare into two pieces; The top part, which is like a comb, rests on the top of the frame, preventing the trap from falling through the hive. The bottom section contains the vegetable oil and is clipped on below and sits between the top bars of the frame.
The trap is set in place with the same process that the bees use use to build and secure everything else in the hive, a soft, gluey kind of wax.
A mat is placed over the top of the frames to stop the bees getting this wax or honey on the top part of the trap. This also creates a warm dark environment which attracts the beetles. More than one trap may be used between frames, depending on the level of infestation and the size of the hive.
AJ's Beetle Eater can be used in conjunction with a mat located in the honey super. This also helps precent burcomb build up, which the beetle often hide in.AJ's Beetle Eater is designed to be hassle free to the bee keeper.AJ's Beetle Eater is designed to accommodate any box depth e.g. a full depth WSP 6’ 5/8 ideals or manly boxes. The trap also can be used in three way or six way queen rearing nucleus hives.AJ's Beetle Eater does not interfere with Brood chamber cells or cells in the honey supers. It can be used with any other trap or chemical.
Advantages of AJ's Beetle Eater

:: Inexpensive compared to the price of a box of honey or a queen bee
:: Minimal labour is required for the application of this trap
:: The trap does not use chemicals

The Beetle Blaster is a new beetle trap that was developed by Laurence Cutts. Laurence has spent plenty of time in the bee yard and knows what works and what doesn't. Well, this trap really works! Fill the trap about half way with mineral oil and hang it between two frames. As the bees chase the beetles they try to hide in the trap only to meet their demise. Once the trap is full remove it and simply throw it away

The Beetle Jail: This is a new Small Hive Beetle trap. It conveniently hooks over the top bar of a frame. It lid is on a hinge, so no more fiddleing to put the top on. The bottom is flat so you can place it on a flat service to fill it, and it is reusable.

Hood Beetle Trap: Dr. Mike Hood of Clemson University in South Carolina developed this Small Hive Beele Trap. Dr. Hood has more experience with this pest than any other person in the U.S. Attach this trap to the bottom bar of a frame and fill with apple cider vinegar or mineral oil. Place in the #1 or # 10 frame position in the brood box in the summer or a top super in the winter. The beetles will enter and die. Simply empty and refill. No terrible chemicals that will affect your bees for many years to come.

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