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Each of us is different so we do not have a standard beginners kit. Below are a few of the suggestions we offer. You might not need all our suggestions. If each of us liked the same thing, it would be a simple choice.
We do offer a range and let you choose what you would like or how much you wish to spend.
At the bottom of the page we have put together a few kits, or you can make up your own.

Please browse our online catalogue for our full list of what we sell, if you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to email or phone (during office hours).


can be found on Page 7. Priced from $60

beekeeping smokers

Hive Tools
A selection can be found on Page 6

the MHT620 is popular

Hive Tool

or the American style SWHT10 American Hivetool

Protective Gear
From a simple veil to full overalls, gloves, the choice is up to you
Can be viewed on Page 11

one recommendation we make is the
Bee Agskills is 114 full-colour A4 pages
page 1 of Books


We supply both 8 & 10 frame pine boxes in flatpack form (that means you have to put them together) Lids and hive bottoms, for a listing see page 1

We stock a range of range of frames both wood (with thick bottom bars) and plastic one piece frames with the foundation moulded as part of the plastic frame


These come in both wire or plastic and can be found on Page 2.
Plastic excluders are only available in 10frame while the wire excluders are available in both 8 frame and 10 frame.

We stock both beeswax foundation as well as plastic foundation. The wooden frames we sell will take both the beeswax or plastic foundation sheets


One of the most popular questions we are often asked "where can I get some bees?" I have no short answer for this one as it is often a case of sourcing your future bees from the local area

We do sell Swarm Lures that are used to attract swarms to a suitable trap that you have placed. You can read more about these on Page 8 of our catalogue

Bee Clubs
Many areas throughout the different States are serviced by some very informative beekeeping clubs. These are a good source of information and often can help you aquire some bees plus a lot of knowledge.

Check out our club and association pages

State Goverment Departements

It is well to check with you States Primary Industries department to find out the regulations that apply to your area.

A list can be found here

Kit 1 @ $160
includes GST and Australia wide postage

Net Veil
Bee Brush

Kit 2 @ $480
includes GST and Australia wide postage

Beebook, Smoker, Hivetool
Bee Brush, hive lock and a roll frame wire
Bee Jacket (size and type required)
pair gloves Canvas (size required)
1 Super, 1 bottom, 1 Lid
10 Wooden Frames
10 Sheets Foundation
Will adjust the kit if you want it as a 8frame hive, please let me know.

Kit 3 @ $600
includes GST and Australia wide postage

Smoker, Hivetool, Bee Brush
hive lock, roll frame wire
Bee Overalls (size and type required)
pair gloves Leather (size required)
2 Supers, 1 bottom, 1 Lid, plastic excluder
20 Wooden Frames
20 Sheets Foundation
Will adjust the kit if you want it as a 8frame hive, please let me know.

As each of us want to do things our way, you can take away or add to these kit, please let me know of any changes and I will give you a price

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