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by NSW Dept of Primary Industries 2016 - 173 pages, colour photos

Queen Bee Breeding Book

This manual provides the basic knowledge and instruction to get you started and can be applied to beekeeping operations ranging from several thousand colonies to one or two. Queens of superior quality result from a combination of good drone rearing & stocking practices; good queen rearing practices; and a program of continual stock selection. Each of these three elements is addressed in depth throughout this manual.

Contents include: Queen cell production; grafting; nutrition; pests & diseases; reproductive biology; honeybee subspecies; breeding stock evaluation & maintenance; genetics & the honeybee; selective breeding programs; drone mother colony management; nucleus colonies & mating apiaries; catching, caging & shipping queen bees; queen banking; queen bee introduction; queen markets; controlled mating; package bees.
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"Healthy bees: managing pests, diseases and other disorders of the honey bee"

- AgGuide, A Pratical Handbook.

Healthy Bees

Published in 2014, Healthy bees is part of the AgGuide series and is 75 full-colour A4 pages

Table of contents:
The honey bee
Colony size
Effects of seasons and location
Disease and disorder
Strategies to prevent disease
Diseases of brood
Diseases of adult honey bees
Hive pests
Exotic pests

Surveillance and response to exotic pests and disease

Honey bees and the law

Glossary of terms

Published in 2014, Healthy bees is part of the AgGuide series and is 75 pages, with colour photos

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A basic guide to some of the skills and practices of bee production. Easy to follow for those new to bee keeping, this book contains step-by-step instructions, diagrams and full-colour pictures. Includes how to maintain hives, use a bee smoker, catach a swarm, remove and extract honey, health and pests in the hive, buying equipment, and working safely with bees.

Published in 2007, Bee Agskills is 114 full-colour A4 pages.

Introduction, General safety precautions, Quality Assurance, Select bee site, Assemble and maintain a hive
Obtaining bees, Light and extinguish a bee smoker, Open, inspect and close a hive, Move a hive
Seasonal management, Catch a swarm, Requeen, Identify flora for honey production, Judging field conditions, Remove honey
Extract honey, Legal considerations for an apiary, Health problems and pests in the hive, Reducing swarming behaviour
Buying second-hand hives and equipment, Industry structure and contacts, Background knowledge
Glossary, Safe work method statements, Check your skill

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Postage within Australia for this book is $16.50 a total of $41.50


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