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Most of our moulds are of Polyurethane construction and are long lasting. The candle images shown are the finished product, which we do not sell. They are like this to show what you can achive using our Polyurethane moulds and colours

To clean your Candle Flex® molds use mild soap and warm water.
Using fingertips, gently clean residue away. Using paper coffee filters absorbs great and doesn’t leave any lint.

Candle Moulds

Diamond Cylinder candle mould
Diamond Cylinder
50 X 100mm & uses 180gms beeswax
2/0 wicking required

Polyurethane candle mould
MCM508 Mould
Photo of a Polyurethane candle mould that was used in making the Diamond Cylinder Candle to the left. The pattern moulds are split down one side to make it easier to get the candles out

Candle Mould Comb

Honeycomb Cylinder
Size: 120 mm x 57 mm
uses 280gms beeswax
2/0 wicking required

Tapers are available in these sizes

MCM335 250mm Octagon Taper $50
MCM340 250mm Colonial Taper $50
MCM390 250mm Taper              $65
MCM741 220mm Spiral Taper    $55
MCM742 260mm Oblisk Taper  $58

taper candle moulds

2/0 wicking required for these tapers


taper candle moulds

Set of 3 Spirals
10 X 100mm & uses 70gms beeswax
4/0 wicking required

Textured Pillar candle mould

Textured Pillar
40 X 135mm & uses 230gms of beeswax
2/0 wicking required

190 mm Spiral candle mould
19 X 190 mm & uses 42gms of beeswax
2/0 wicking required

Candle Mould

Hexagon Cylinder
Size: 150 mm x 57 mm
uses 335gms beeswax
2/0 wicking required

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