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Most of our moulds are of Polyurethane construction and are long lasting. The candle images shown are the finished product, which we do not sell. They are like this to show what you can achive using our Polyurethane moulds and colours

To clean your Candle Flex® molds use mild soap and warm water.
Using fingertips, gently clean residue away. Using paper coffee filters absorbs great and doesn’t leave any lint.

Candle mould
Sunflower with bee
50mm x 36mm & uses 50gms beeswax
4/0 wicking required
flowers candle mould
Candle Mould Flowers set of 4
45mm X 20mm & uses 80gms of beeswax
2/0 wicking required
candle mould

65mm X 65mm & uses 180gms of beeswax
2/0 wicking required

candle mould
Light House
70mm high & uses 32gms beeswax       $35
95mm hign & uses 72gms beeswax        $38
2/0 wicking required


candle mould release

Candle mould release MCR396
Candle luster MCL395
$12.50 each

Sorry but I cannot post these spray cans due to Aust Post regulations

Candle mould angel
Praying Angel
70 x 50mm & 30gms beeswax
candle mould angel
100 x 82mm & 63gms beeswax

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Candle Page 4