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Most of our moulds are of Polyurethane construction and are long lasting. The candle images shown are the finished product, which we do not sell. They are like this to show what you can achive using our Polyurethane moulds and colours

To clean your Candle Flex® molds use mild soap and warm water.
Using fingertips, gently clean residue away. Using paper coffee filters absorbs great and doesn’t leave any lint.

Tealights candle moulds
Mould does a set of 8 tealights
uses a total of 220gms beeswax
2/0 wicking required
Votive candle moulds
Votive set of 4 candles
35mm X 35mm & uses 110gms of beeswax
2/0 wicking required
Votive candle moulds
MCM 781
Pointed Votive set of 4 candles
55 x 45mm & uses 220gms of beeswax
2/0 wicking required


Cylinder Candle Moulds

75mm Cylinder candle moulds
60 ply wicking required
MCM500 75mm high 270gms beeswax $60
MCM501 100mm high 360gms beeswax $62
MCM502 125mm high 460gms beeswax $68
MCM503 150mm high 550gms beeswax $72
MCM504 225mm high 790gms beeswax $80

wax finger moulds

Wax finger moulds
each finger weighs about 30gms & there is 5 fingers to each mould

Tin Mould Taper sticks
4 Candle sticks mould
260mm long tubes
2/0 wicking required
Sorry out of stock

Also Available
8 Candle sticks moulds
Sorry out of stock


For our full range of wick, please check out Page 10

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Candle Page 5