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Bee Boxes 10 frame
Bee Boxes 8 frame
Lids Pallets and acc.
Full Depth Clears $28.50 each Full Depth Clears $28.50 each 8 & 10 Fr Travel Screens $25 each (out of stock)
    8 & 10 Fr Clearer Boards $20.00 each
Full Depth Budget $26.50 each Full Depth Budget $26.50 each 8 & 10 Fr Pallets              $18.00 each
    8 & 10 Fr Migratory Lids $17.50 each
WSP Clears $23.50 each WSP Clears $23.50 each

8 & 10 Fr Bottom Boards inc risers $16.00

8 & 10 Fr Lifting Cleats $3.50 per pair.

Manley Clears $22.00 each Manley Clears $22.00 each
Ideal Clears $21.00 each Ideal Clears $21.00 each
Half Depth $20.00 each Half Depth $20.00 each 8 & 10 Frame Risers only $2.50 per set
 4 or 5 Fr Nuc Box complete
$50 includes Metal lid cover.
            4 or 5 Fr Nuc super (box only) $22

Wooden Frames
As well as our plastic "one Piece" frames we also sell wooden frames with standard or grooved bottom bars (Full Depth only). The grooved bottom bars are suitable for our plastic foundation sheets. The end bars are also drilled for wiring and wax foundation.

Standard Bottom bars $180 per carton of 100 or $2.00 each SAFFDS
The thicker 13mm bottom bar SAFFDG
13mm Grooved Bottom bars $200 per carton of 100 or $2.20 each BBFFDG

Also available in WSP BBFWSP, Ideals ECFI, Manleys ECFM and 1/2 depth BBF1/2D with a standard bottom bar.
$200 per carton of 100 or $2.20 each

All supers are Rebated. Supplied in flat form ready to assemble. Price includes GST but not shipping. Please email for a shipping Quote.
Budget supers are not always available as the grade of pine we use, cuts mainly clears.

Metal Lid covers

10Frame $10.00 each QBMC10F
8Frame $10.00 each QBMC8F
Colorbond 10Frame covers $10 each ATMCC

4 & 5Frame Nuc Metal lid covers $7.50 each QBMC4N & QBMC5N
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