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Bee Escapes
bee escape 8 exits
Large plastic escape with 8 exits for the bees. It is 260mm in diameter
$7.50 each SWBE60
We stock an number of bee escapes from the small to the large For removing bees prior to harvest. Bee escapes are a great tool for removing your bees prior to harvest.
large bee escape
Large Plastic bee escapes 380mm long & 120mm wide with the exits either end
$5.50 each SWBE40
Bee escape conor
click here for large view
Metal cornor escape about 120mm long
$3.50 set of 4 BCCE
The complete clearer board is available from our woodwork section Page 1
Porter  Bee Escape
Porter Bee Escapes
$7.50 MBE665

Page 10
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