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Queen Catcher

Queen catchers (plastic)
$12 each     MQC100

Queenbee catcher Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Queen Catcher
$18 each     MQC102
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Cell Grid
Queen Cell Rearing Kit


Cell rearing kit comes with

  • 1 Cell grid
  • 110 Brown cell cups
  • 10 Hair roller cages
  • 10 Candy cups
  • 10 Brown cell fixtures
  • 10 Yellow cup holders


cell fixture..........

MQCB120                 MQCY125

Brown fixtures and
Yellow cell cup holders

each $1.40
pack of 10 $10
pack of 100 $80
pack of 1000 $650

cell Cup
Brown cell cups for the cell grid
110 per packet $15 MQCB111 or
1000 packet for $99.50 MQCB110

Queenbee Holder

Metal Queenbee Holder
Used to hold the queenbee still on the frame while marking her.
View larger image here

PBQH    $20

Queen Bee cell mould

Silicon mould for making your own Queen Cell cups from beeswax, no more buying plastic ones
View larger image here

SWCM $55

Queen Cage

Parker Plastic Queen Cages
$0.90 each or $80 per 100
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Plastic Queen Bee Cage
Plastic Queen Cage
95 cents each or $80 per 100

Queen Bee Marking Catching Unit
This one hand Queen catcher, makes it easy to catch your queen with one hand, push the plunger up and mark your queen with your free hand.

SWQCM $37.50

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Queen Marking Paint
Paint Brush in tube available in 5 colours
White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
$15.50.00 each


Queen bee curlers
Queen Curlers SWQC
$1.50 each or
$1.20 each for 10 or more

Queen Bee Spotting pens
Paint colour marking pens
for colour spotting of Queen bees.
White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
$12 each colour

Queen Marking Spots
Numbered Queen marking kit 5 colours 1 to 99
includes glue $55 for the kit SWQM02
Out of stock

Bottle spare glue $12.50 each SWQG00

Queenbee marking tube
Description: with these tools you fix the queens back shield gently between one of the square holes and mark her with either paint or a number.

Queen Marking Tube
$18 each

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