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General Beekeeping Equipment
Maxant Style Hivetools (Small)
maxant hivetool
This is a small Hive tool suitable for a child or someone with very small hands
18cm MHT570

Australian Style Hivetools

This is the most popular Hivetool we sel
austrlian hivetool
ML Hivetools 26cm $22 each MHT620

American Style Hive Tool
Strong Spring Steel
american hivetool
25cm American Style hive tool.
by Mann Lake, Spring steel
$18.00 each

Needle rollerNeedle Roller for uncapping honey frames

Uncapping Roller with plastic needles
Needle roller for uncapping and loosening of Jelly bush type honey.
Can also be used for uncapping honey frames!
Just perforate the cappings.

SWNR $55

Amercian hivetool
25cm American style Hive Tool
. This is a spring steel tool that is thinner than the blue Mann Lake hive tool.
$20 each

Available in Stainless Steel
25cm $25 each MHT585
or the
30cm Jumbo
$30 ECHT300


extra long hivetool
39cm Long Hivetool Middle ribbed for extra strength
50% longer than most hivetools we stock
Out of stock


boardman feeder
Boardman Feeders $11.00 each
A bottle is required for the liquid
The PET 1kg jar suits, sold seperately

comb scratcher
Stainless steel handle and shoulders heavy duty $55 each.

comb scratcher
SWCS25 Plastic handle & shoulders
with straight needles $25each
SWCS10 Plastic handle & shoulders
with cranked needles $25 each


bee brush
Bee Brush $12.50 each
Wooden Handle MB660
Plastic Handle SWBB

Strainer Filters
Honey Strainer

MFS444 $54
Set of 3 reusable, hand washable filters for use in a 20 litre pail, they recess down about 10cm into the pail. The rolled edge of the filter keeps it in position on the pail. Includes 1 each of the 600 micron (coarse), 400 micron (medium), and 200 micron (fine) filters. These are made of a Poly material

Individual filters

MFS443 200 micron (fine) $18.50 each
MFS442 400 micron (Medium) $18.50 each
MFS441 600 micron (coarse) $18.50 each

Polyester strainer cloth

MFM560 $20 per meter

Uncapping Knife
Hand uncaping knife
SWHK   $45 each
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Honey Steam Knife

Steam honey uncapping knife with a 10" (250mm) blade. Made in the USA by Pierce-Mieras Mfg, Model #222. No hoses are included with this knife.
This knife requires a unit to generate steam - e.g. an old style pressure cooker.
PBSK $125 each

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Electric honey Knife

Electric Honey Knife 240V

MHK425 Pierce Speed King
Preset temp.

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