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General Beekeeping Equipment


ECELNS Laser Cut excludes straping
Hive fasteners (Emlock style)

1 to 99 $9.50 each
100+ $8.50 each

Light weight strapping to suit WPEL
QBS3 3.5 metre metal $4.00 each
SGST 4 metre polly $3 each

Heavy weight strapping to suit WPEL
3.5 meter colorbond $4.50 each
16kg bulk roll for $120 ($7.50 per kilo)

Stainless Steel strapping to suit WPEL
3.5 meter SS $7.00 each PBSSS3

Hive Fasterners (Emlock style)
1 to 9 $13.50 each
100+ $12.50 each
This model hive lock come pre loaded with 4.5 meters of heavy weight strapping. Saves you a lot of time winding on the strap (as well as working out how it goes on)



10cm X 18cm Smoker $78

10cm X 25cm Jumbo Smoker $89.50 MSJ540
stainless steel construction

Bellows only $37.50 MSB575
Yellow skins $16.50 MSS576

Beeco 10cm X 18cm Smoker

Beeco smoker

Stainless Steel construction

Made in Australia.
$88.50 BCS7
click here for larger image

Also available in Jumbo
$95 BCSJ

Bellows repair kits available
$15 BCSR

Spare Beeco Bellows are available
$40 BCB

Brass Bee Smoker

Beeco Smoke is also available in Brass

For that special gift.
$135 BCS7B

Out of stock

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Metal Honey Gate
50mm Metal Honey Gate
Out of stock

40mm Metal honey gate
Out of stock

Frame Grip suit plastic frames

smoker pellets

KwikStart Smoker Pellets have got to be seen to be believed! Simply light with a flame, blow it out and watch the smoke roll (if using to start your other smoker fuel, leave the flame going for fast fire starting action)! These can be used alone for checking a hive or two, or used as a starter for any other smoker fuel. Takes the work out of starting your smoker!

$23.50 per packet of 100 pellets.


Pollen trap

Pollen Trap for 10frame beehive

Frame Grip

Econo Frame Grip
$25 each

Honey Creaming Screw
Creaming Screws
Requires drill with minimum 750W power to operate efficiently.
SWCS70 $99 50mm Dia. 780mm Length

SWCS75 $120 85mm Dia. 930mm Length

Honey Extractor
Italian Made for quality
Manual Extractor, non-reversible.
With or without legs
Stainless Steel with 40mm gate.
Smart gear driven plus covers
Bench model no legs only at the moment
3 Frame $610 PBE3L


40mm plastic honey gate
$28.50 each

also available in
50mm Plastic Honey Gate


40mm plastic honey gate
$23.50 each

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