Honey facts

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Honey has always been regarded as a food which provides health advantages and as a product which has ‘healing qualities’.

Medical evidence of honey’s importance as a health food has not existed until recent times although its value as part of folklore medicine has always been recognised. Today, reputable research organisations around the world now take seriously both the health benefits and healing properties of honey.

As a natural, unprocessed and easily digested food, honey can be regarded as an important part of our diet.

Try these suggestions for uses of honey:

  • Use honey instead of other sweeteners. The flavour of cakes and biscuits, particularly those which use fruit, is enhanced with honey and their keeping qualities are improved.
  • Substitute honey for sugar in a cake. Use the same weight measure of the sweetener but reduce the liquid in the recipe by one quarter. For example, you would use 3/4 cup of milk instead of one cup. Reduce recommended cooking temperature by 15oC.
  • Add honey to plain cuts of meat to make exotic dishes. When basted with honey, vegetables will always be exciting if tossed in honey and butter.
  • Add honey to creamed cheese as a spread, use it on grapefruit or as a topping for ice cream for extra goodness and flavour. Use it in your tea or coffee, cordial or cocktails.
  • Take honey by the spoonful to give yourself extra energy in training. Honey in water makes an excellent healthy sports drink with the honey replacing glycogen levels.