Queen items

Cell protectors, base mounted cell cups, brown cell fixtures, candycaps, hair roller cages, queen catchers, queen marking pens and paint, queen marking tube, queen cages, shipping bars, grafting tools, Nicot queen starter kit etc.

JZBZ candy caps $20 pack 100 MQC761

This candy tube has an hour glass shape to hold the candy in place. The candy cap keeps the queen from emerging. Along with the candy cap, you get a hanging strip which will hold your cage in place between frames. Fits perfectly into JZ-BZ queen cages.

Master grafting tool

$95 (MGT383)

The Master Grafting Tool was designed so when pressure is applied to the thumb lever, it gently pushes the tongue out underneath the larvae. Once you release pressure on the lever, the tongue retracts and the larvae is safely placed inside the cell cup. Includes one replacement tongue.

JZBZ shipping bar

$5 (Code MQC770)

Hair roller cage

$1 (Code MQR116)