Honey harvest

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Once the honeycomb (or cell) in the hive is capped with beeswax it can be collected by the beekeeper (Apiarist). The honeycomb is removed from the hive by the beekeeper who uses a special knife (or cutter) to take the wax capping off without damaging the rest of the honeycomb.

The honeycomb is then placed in an extractor. Revolving baskets spin around until the honey is released. Little damage is done to the honeycomb which is then returned to the hive. The bees then set about removing any left over hone plus repairing and polishing each cell in preparation for new supplies of honey.

Honey is collected from the extractor and then strained to remove any left over beeswax. Once this is done the honey can be bottled.

The flowers from which the nectar is collected gives the honey its flavour and its colour. The bees themselves are able to distinguish between the perfumes of the flowers.

Australia has many, many flowers from which honey can be made. This means we have a wide range of varieties of honey.